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Terms of Implementations and Sending the Projects from Contractors to the Customers

The customer sends the topic of the project, its requirements, and deadlines through the website to the contractor, or through the email. After the contractor estimates the cost of the project, its deadlines, he or she determines the price for the project. Then the customer is given all the details where he or she needs to make 100% prepayment of the project. As soon as the money comes on the contractor’s account, he or she immediately starts the implementation of the project. When the work is ready, the contractor sends it to the customer’s e-mail so that he or she could look through it and see if all the requirements are met. If the customer has any comments, he or she needs to send them to the contractor, and the latter modifies the project, after which the final version of the work is sent back to the customer.

Payment Methods

Payment for the order is paid in the amount of 100% of the order value by transferring money to the account of the performer. Details of the account are reported to the customer immediately after placing the order.

Rights and Obligations of the Parties

Time4essays.net undertakes to register the customer, i.e. accept his or her application for a service upon receipt of the registration data from the customer for the provision of services according to the established application form that is published on the website.

time4essays.net undertake to provide information support to the customer with respect to the service and other information that is publicly available on the website using targeted mailing lists and other tools.

Time4essays.net has the right to refuse to provide services to the customer in case of not receiving the payment for the services on time.

Customer agrees to independently get acquaint with the information on the time4essays.net about services, tariffs, terms, and conditions of their provision.

Customers agree to pay for the selected services in accordance with the prices, tariffs, terms and conditions established on Time4essays.net.

The customer has the right to receive paid services from time4essays.net.

Customers can get from time4essays.net complete and accurate information related to the terms and conditions of work on the website. After making the payment for the services, customers need to attach a scanned copy of the payment receipt on the website.

Responsibility of the Parties

For non-performance or improper performance of obligations under this agreement the performer and the customer shall be liable in accordance with applicable law.

Contractor is not responsible for the safety of the submitted materials and documents by the customer.

In case of untimely fulfillment of the obligations by the contractor for a period of more than 10 business days, the customer is entitled to terminate the contract unilaterally with an obligatory notification about it the contractor.